Thank you very much for nominating a LatinX Tech Leader to our group. Please make sure they meet the criteria. If they do so, the next step is to invite them to meet/have a conversation with the founder of TLTL, Ricardo Garcia-Amaya. 

In order to properly convey the quality of our group, please use the following template as a guideline for the introduction. 


SUBJECT LINE: Intro to Ricardo - Founder, Top US Latinx Tech Leaders ($10B exits & $100B to invest)

Hi [FIRST NAME], hope all is great! I would like to introduce you to my friend Ricardo. Ricardo is the founder of the highly-curated private group, the Top US LatinX Tech Leaders ($10B exits & $100B to invest). Being part of this group has been a very special experience. My fellow Top LatinX Tech Leaders are founders of unicorns and decacorns, as well as VC leaders managing billions. 

As fellow Latinx tech leaders, I thought it would be great for you two to meet. 

Ricardo is the founder of VOIQ (YC backed, $5M raised) and the founder of the YCombinator Alumni Group ($100B valuations). Ricardo’s LinkedIn. #American-Colombian #MBAStern  

I leave you both to find a time to connect. 



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