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Israel I 2016 Silicon Valley Latinx​Tech Leaders Delegation

Welcome to Israel Jerusalem 

A Center for Three Great Monotheistic Religions

Opening Remarks

Elad Strohmayer, North America Division, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Visit the Western Wall and night tour of the Western Wall Tunnels Mamilla Hotel, Jerusalem

Walk through the alleyways of the Old City of Jerusalem  Lunch in the Old City at the Golden Panoramic Restaurant Speaker: Saul Singer, co-writer of “Start-up Nation  The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle”. Please bring "Start up Nation" books to be signed by Saul Singer Visit OurCrowd: a crowd-sourcing firm at JVP media place  Siftech meeting with Nitzan Adler, Director of Operations and


Community Projects:  ​Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd.  A dinner tasting tour through the Machane Yehuda fresh produce market.

Welcome to Yad Vashem


Remembering the Holocaust A comprehensive tour of the Historical Museum, The Children’s Memorial, and a wreath laying ceremony at the Hall of Remembrance.

Meet with Gustavo Fuchs, Business and IP Intelligence Officer, Yissum Research Development Company. 

Foreign Ministry of Israel: Israel’s Global Humanitarian and development efforts (including Latin America)

A visit to United Hatzala: A national emergency response organization bringing Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze together in order to save lives.  A visit to Azrieli College of Engineering Startup Accelerator to take part in the 2# AtoBe Startup Accelerator Demo Day.  Dinner at Adom Lunch at Ima  with Ambassador Meir Shlomo, Head of Bureau, North American

Division, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Drive to Ramat Gan

Meeting in the Cyber Protection Unit of the IDF's Telecommunications Division where Sim City was created to simulate a take-over of computer systems as part of the IDF's readiness for a future war situation Holtz School: Holtz High School was founded in 1954 as part of the AMAL network of schools and joined the Israeli Air Force 14 years ago when it opened an exclusive course for military cadets. Rothschild Blvd and start-up neighborhood–Walk along the main avenue of Tel Aviv, known as Rehov HaAm (the Street of the People) at the time of the establishment of the State of Israel.


Continue to Haifa

Overlook on the beautiful Baha’i Gardens including a short.

Takwin Labs, Haifa – a play on the Arabic word for "genesis" or "beginning" is a new incubator in the mixed Israeli Jewish – Arab city of Haifa for startups targeting the Arab market.


A campus tour and meeting at the Technion in Haifa focusing on innovation and invention.

Travel to Bethlehem of the Galilee

Dinner with Adi Rosenfeld, International businessman, mentor and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Slovenia. Discussion and dinner with 30 exceptional Israelis from all walks of life.


Join the CyberWeek Conference at Tel Aviv University  Meet with Yariv Bash, co-funder of SpaceIL, an Israeli nonprofit founded by 3 young engineers at the end of 2010, answering the Google Lunar XPRIZE challenge. SpaceIL is aiming to make history and land the first Israeli spacecraft on the Moon and to inspire a generation along the way. Gvahim (The Hive Accelerator) Spend the afternoon in meetings on Educational Technologies. Walk through Jaffa,  Dinner with EatWith at the home of a local Israeli. EatWith is an innovative Israeli platform connecting people to unique culinary experiences. Softwheel: SoftWheel is a breakthrough technology that replaces the traditional spoke-and-rim wheel with an innovative suspension system moved inside of a rigid rim and centered around the wheel hub. Using “in-wheel” shock absorbers that automatically switch between providing rigidity or cushioning – and lowering the unsprung mass inelectric vehicles – SoftWheels achieve unparalleled comfort and energy-efficiency.

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