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Championed by our Members

Latinas in Tech - Carolina Huaranca, Board Member

Latinas in Tech is comprised of more than 10,000 women, representing more than 15 countries, working at more than 200 technology companies. 
It is a non-profit organization with the mission to connect, support and empower Latina women working in technology.

Carolina Huaranca.jpg

Carolina Huaranca

Lightspeed Venture Founder

Scout Matching Program for the Top VCs in Silicon Valley

The Top VCs in Silicon Valley are in urgent need of bringing more diversity to its pipeline.

Our group of the Top American LatinX Tech Leaders in the US
with over $10B in exits is being leveraged by:


to bring more diversity of brilliant LatinX founders to their pipeline.

We have unicorn founders and the next generation of Latinx unicorns and decacorns.

If you’re a top 10 VC fund, have a scout program, and are interested in being matched with one of our top founders as a scout.

Ricardo Garcia-Amaya Top Tech Leaders VO

Ricardo Garcia-Amaya

Founder, TLTL

Top American Latinx Tech Leaders & The Aspen Institute

If Latin owned businesses were to scale at the same rate as white-owned businesses, an estimated $1.47 trillion dollars could be added to the economy, benefitting not just Latinos, but all Americans. 

25 US Latino leaders, including several Top American Latinx Tech Leaders, were convened by the Aspen Institute Latinos & Society to explore how to scale Latino-owned businesses and created "A Playbook for Scaling Latino Owned Business."

White Thumbprint

Several TLTL Members


LatinX Board Placement - James Gutierrez

With a population of 60 million in the United States the American Latinx community is underrepresented on public boards.
This initiative looks to expand American Latinx opportunities and lift up the next wave of Latino board directors. They focus on growing the supply of high-caliber boardroom candidates and providing quality corporate governance programming for experienced and aspiring directors.

JAmes Gutierrez.jpg

James Gutierrez

Partner - Insikt Ventures

White House Innovation - Javier Saade

Javier Saade was one of the highest-ranking Latinos during the Obama administration and the SBA programs he oversaw have invested over $128 billion into more than 300,000 companies.
Working along with the Top American Tech Leaders Saade is bringing policy initiatives to the new administration in order to increase the number of Latinx small business in America.

“If you can’t envision a world where you have a million Latino millionaires in the United States by 2040, I think we have a problem. Even though the march is slow, Latinos are on their way.”

Javier Saade.jpeg

Javier Saade

Venture Partner at Fenway Summer & Founder of Impact Master Holdings

The Rider Diversity Program - Alejandro Guerrero

Alejandro Guerrero, a principal at Act One Ventures created the Diversity Rider program to generate opportunities for diverse check writers to participate in deals. Investors who sign up/commit to the program will pledge to embed a specific boilerplate rider language into their standard term sheets, creating an opportunity among their firms and all founding teams to identify and expand diversity.

Diversity Rider: In order to advance diversity efforts in the venture capital industry, the Company and the lead investor, [Fund Name], will make commercial best efforts to offer and make every attempt to include as a co-investor in the financing at least one Black [or other underrepresented group including, but not limited to LatinX, women, LGBTQ+] check writer (DCWs), and to allocate a minimum of [X]% or [X] $’s of the total round for such co-investor.

Alejandro Guerrero - Diversity Rider Pro

Alejandro Guerrero

General Partner - Act One Ventures

LatinX VC - Rami Reyes

A group of experienced venture investors coming together to connect, engage, and foster the Latinx VC ecosystem. We aim to be the central and definitive resource for Latinx VCs. 

Goal 1: Increase LatinX representation in venture capital
Goal 2: Increase access to capital for LatinX fund managers
Goal 3: Build a strong LatinX venture ecosystem and drive a positive narrative.

Rami Reyes.jpg

Rami Reyes

Cofounder NextEquity Partners

Latinas In Tech
Scout Matching Program
Whit House Innovation
LatinX VC
Aspen Institute
LatinX Board Placement
Rider Diversity Program
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