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Top Latinx Tech Leaders
​ Penthouse Residence

@Indigo Downtown 
| NYC | ​Friday, March 6th, 2020


Guesthouse Penthouse @ Indigo Downtown Hotel, New York City.  


Friday, March 6th, 2020 Time | 5:00PM - 7:30PM


Meet with the most influential tech leaders in the world to exchange perspectives, explore opportunities and empower the next generation of Minority tech founders.


Ricardo Garcia-Amaya - Founder, VOIQ - YCombinator - NiloVentures

Rachel ten Brink - Cofounder, FiveFour Ventures - YCombinator

Alejandro Garcia-Amaya - Founder, MuluPod - NiloVentures

Andres Garcia-Amaya Founder, ZoeFin - NiloVentures

Pedro Torres Mackie - Founder, Quotidian Ventures | Board Chair @ CSforAll


Special Guest:

Michael Bloomberg I TBC  
US Presidential Candidate


Top Latino Tech Leaders in the US; Founders participating in the Top Latino Tech Leaders (TLTL) roundtables have generated $10 Billion in aggregate exits.


Other Guests:

YCombinator founders, leading VCs, top industry leaders and special guests.
Some of our special guests at previous roundtables include:

Julian Castro - Former US Presidential Candidate & US Secretary of Housing 
Marcelo Claure - CEO, Sprint
Todd Park - Former White House CTO
Tim Draper - DFJ, Draper University
Mitch Kapor - Kapor Capital
Carlos Gutierrez - US Secretary of Commerce 
Henry Cisneros - US Secretary of Housing 

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