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As the group of the most successful American Latinx Tech Leaders our passion is to assist and guide Latinx Tech Founders & early stage VCs to build unicorns and run extremely successful funds. However, that doesn't ensure that every American Latinx Tech Founder or VC will be invited to be part of the group.

Acceptance to the group includes featuring new members on our website and inviting

them to our private events.

Basic criteria to be invited to join the Latinx

group of rockstars tech founders & VCs:

Members should have a:

1.  Proven commitment to be a tech founder or VC. 

  • Founders who have been in the trenches for more than 4 years and have raised $4M+ in funding or exceed $2M ARR. 

  • VCs who have 4+ years as GPs and $15M+ AUM (ideally former  tech founders)

2. High level of maturity, responsibility, respect & trust to be part of a very special community.

3. All VC's must be Founder Friendly

4. Meeting with the group's founder/moderator over a zoom call or attending an event of ours prior to joining the group to ensure criteria #2.

Founder Friendly VC

Terms for VCs to be considered “Founder Friendly” at the pre-Seed and Seed stage (Pre Series A):


  1. Pre-seed and seed investments should be made through SAFEs WITHOUT added terms. Only Cap and/or Discount are needed (per above). No equity rounds! Investment documents should never include the following: tranches, rachets, control over budget matters, control over hiring/firing C-level, or anything else other than Cap and Discount

  2. Angels should give the founder a "yes" or "no" within two weeks of initial pitching

  3. Angels or VCs NEVER even ask for a board seat unless they are putting up $1M+ check.

  4.  Investors should be clear on their investment process: How long is typically required from initial meeting to funds received? How much DD will be needed? What role do they expect post-investment?

Criteria to be invited to join the curated Latinx 
Whatsapp group of rockstar tech Founders/VCs:

Trust and respect are the two most important factors to join our very intimate Whatsapp group. The criteria to join the Whatsapp group encompasses all of the previous three requirements plus having at least one year of being part of our

community of rockstars.

Founder Friendly VC
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