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This is a private group of the Top US Latinx Tech Leaders (TLTL) - $10B in exits. It’s comprised of founders & VCs. 

The Top US Latinx Tech Leaders, along with esteemed Latino industry leaders of today, meet with the most influential tech leaders in Silicon Valley, NYC and top tech hubs in the world to exchange perspectives, explore opportunities and empower the next generation of Minority tech founders to continue strengthening and expanding the U.S. economy.

Through the website, private Whatsapp group and private events, the TLTL is a place to exchange ideas, thoughts, invitations, ask questions, favors, recommendations etc. For bios & LinkedIn profiles:



This Code of Conduct presents a summary of the shared values and “common sense” thinking in our community. The basic social ingredients that hold our group together include:
      1. Official Language - English
      2. Be Considerate 
      3. Be Respectful
      4. Be Supportive
      5. Be Mindful - Discussing Politics and/or Religion
This Code of Conduct reflects the agreed standards of behavior for members of the TLTL community, in any email, Whatsapp group, forum, website, or private meeting within the context of the TLTL group. The community acts according to the standards written down in this Code of Conduct and will defend these standards for the benefit of the community. Leaders of this group will exercise the right to suspend access to any person who persistently breaks our shared Code of Conduct.

Official Language - English

The official language of the TLTL is English. All conversations on our platform should be carried out in English. Be mindful that many fellow US Latinx Leaders are not fluent in Spanish.

Be Considerate
We encourage friendly conversations and occasional fun/humorous memes. However be mindful to not share any material that could be considered even mildly offensive to any culture, religion, political view, etc. 

Be Respectful

In order for the TLTL community to stay healthy its members must feel comfortable and accepted. Treating one another with respect is absolutely necessary for this. In a disagreement, in the first instance assume that people mean well.
We do not tolerate foul language, personal attacks, racism, sexism or any other form of discrimination. Disagreement is inevitable, from time to time, but respect for the views of others will go a long way to winning respect for your own view. Respecting other people, their work, their contributions and assuming well-meaning motivation will make community members feel comfortable and safe and will result in motivation and productivity.
We expect members of our community to be respectful always. Remember that TLTL is a multicultural group and that you may be unaware of important aspects of other cultures.


Be Supportive

Our community was built to celebrate and champion our current and future leaders. Our journeys could feel at times lonely and that is why encouragement from peers goes a long way. We encourage everyone to celebrate each other's milestones and accomplishments.
Be Mindful - Discussing Politics and/or Religion
Disagreements, both political and religious, happen all the time. Our community is no exception to the rule. When talking about politics or religion please be mindful that not everyone in the group follows your political party or religious affiliation. We encourage listening to all points of view, as long as they are introduced and discussed in a respectful manner. 

Official Language
Be Respectful
Be Considerate
Be Mindful
Be Supportive
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