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The main objective of our chats is to change the narrative of American Latinx tech leaders in the US, and educate Silicon Valley on how expensive of an opportunity it is to ignore our leaders. 

We select special guests, not for the purpose of us meeting them (as most of us already have), but for them to meet us as a powerful group, and be exposed to the amazing stories of American Latinx VCs and founders like you:
- Investors in the biggest tech companies in the world
- 10+ American Latinx tech founders who run and/or have exited billion-dollar startups
- 40 top American Latinx founders who are in the process of doing so


Most of our special guests are excited to meet our group because it is their first time learning that American Latinx tech founders have exits in the billions and run over $120B in AUM. 

By participating as a co-host, you are significantly contributing to changing the narrative. It is also an opportunity to establish a strong relationship with the special guest from a position of value-add and leadership.


1. Opening remarks by Ricardo.

2. Ricardo introduces himself, the co-host and the special guest.

3. Ricardo reminds participants the etiquette for the Zoom call.

4. Ricardo asks the initial two questions to get the conversation going.

5. The co-host introduces him or herself

6. The co-host asks two questions from the list below (or their own questions)

7. Ricardo opens the Q&A session.

8. The attendees are asked to submit their questions privately to Ricardo throughout the session. Ricardo will call on them to introduce themselves and ask the question directly.

9. Closing remarks by Ricardo and thank you's from the co-host.

10. After the event we will provide social media material and tag the co-host so they can repost on their pages.

11. Ricardo will send a thank you email to guest and cc the co-host. The co-host can respond to this email to thank the guest as well.


The Off-The-Record Series is an intimate Zoom conversation with the most successful founders and VCs in the world. 

The attendees are the Top Latinx Tech Leaders in the US, founders have generated $10 Billion in aggregate exits.

It’s carried out as a fireside chat for 30 minutes plus a 15 minute Q&A. 


1. Could you take us back to your early upbringing, and what initially attracted you to the tech/VC world?

2. If you were to break down your success into a couple of important moments/milestones, what would those be?

3. I’m sure you have a big notebook of “lessons learned & pitfalls to avoid”. What are some of your biggest lessons?

4. What keeps you at night now vs. when you first started?

5. Which one of your portfolio investments was the hardest to make or required the most convincing? Why?
6. What has been one of the biggest challenges that one of your portfolio companies has gone through and how did you guide them?

7. Of all the successful companies that you have seen, are there one or two traits or attributes that the founders have in common?

8. Given COVID did your investment criteria change? What are your thoughts on the startup investment landscape post COVID?

Event Structure
About the OTRS
Sample Questions
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